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I like to buy a painting - FAQ

1. How does the first contact work?

If you are interested in one of my art works, then you can contact me at any time without any obligation. It's

best to send me an email to: or even better we make a short phone or Zoom appointment.

It is always important for me to talk to you personally so that I can advise you well and answer your questions about my work in general, or about the peace of art that interests you. But of course, only if you want to.

2. Bonus-Service

If you are unsure how my paitning looks on your wall, I will create a photo montage, or mock-up for you, completely free of charge, with which we virtually hang the artwork on your wall. You can find out exactly how to do this here: My artwork virtually on your wall?

3. How is the payment processed

If you have decided to buy, you will receive an invoice from me with my account details. Immediately after receipt of the money I send the painting to you.

4. How is the artwork shipped?

For watercolors and works on paper like mine, it is important that they are transported dry and kink-proof. Accordingly, I always pack the artworks very carefully and waterproof. I always send my artwork with DHL as a package. You will receive an email from me with the tracking number. So you can track the shipping status of the shipment at any time. If you are living close to my studio, you can also arrange a personal handover appointment with me.

5. What happens if I don't like the artwork?

If you do not like the paiting for any reason, you have a legal right of withdrawal within 14 days after conclusion of the purchase contract or receipt of the artwork. In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform me in writing. After we have coordinated ourselfs, you send me the picture back. After the picture has arrived undamaged at my place, I will immediately transfer your money back to you.

6. Does the painting come with a frame and passe-partout?

Yes! I usually sell the pictures in a high-quality, lightweight, white, wooden frame with anti-reflective plexiglass pane and a white passe-partout. A cardboard box serves as the back wall of the frame. This has the advantage that the frame is relatively light and therefore good and easy to hang.

7. What advantages do enjoy as a collector?

If you have purchased a painting of mine, you will receive a 10% discount on every additional artwork you buy from me. In addition, you get the right of the "first look" at a new artwork, i.e. you get the opportunity to see a new artwork of mine before it is publicly offered for sale.

Please let me know at if you have any questions that you would like to have answered.

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